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Card Flourishes – Virtuoso: Reintroduction:tips on how to play poker

poker tips onlineGo now to www.TheVirts.com !! Virtuoso [vur-choo-oh-soh] (vûr’choo-o’so, -zo) n. pl. vir·tu·o·sos or vir·tu·o·si (-se) Adjective 1. Having or revealing supreme mastery or skill. Noun 1. A person with masterly ability, technique, or personal style in the arts. The art of playing card flourishing is expression through the manipulation of cards utilizing a deck’s ability to split into 52 parts. It is an extension of the card flourisher’s personality, where through this expression he finds a sense of freedom. In 2004, four artists in Singapore formed the card flourishing team, Virtuoso, and took the world by storm. They took a break from the public scene in 2006 to reconceptualize their team. The year is 2007, and here Virtuoso pushes the limits of the art of playing card flourishes again like never before. Welcome to the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. The Virts…are back. Card Flourishes – Virtuoso Reintroduction Credits Director – Huron Low Director of Photography – Huron Low Writer – Huron Low Editor – Daren Yeow Music – The Prodigy, Michael Nyman, Junkie XL & Lunatic Calm Camera Equipment – Kevin Ho Featuring – VIRTUOSO: Huron Low, Kevin Ho, Elijah Cai, Daren Yeow Thanks to – Chris Kenner, Brian Tudor, TG Murphy, Daryl Easton, Daryl Ho, Ashford Kneitel, Jerry Cestowski, Paul Lepaul All moves performed are played at their actual speeds or slowed down. No cards were harmed during the filming of this card flourish video. This card flourishing video is best enjoyed best poker tips

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