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The Thief King Bakura MEP // OPEN //Deadline decided!:sit and go poker tips

video poker tips//EDIT: PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES!! THEY ARE HELPFUL! THANK YOU./// Hello everyone! You saw right, im hosting the first (of what ive found) Thief King Bakura MEP! Finally.. Heh i’ve been wanting to for a very long time now, since he is my very favorite character. ^^ But i never got up the nerve i guess, till I saw animelover4eva14’s YuGiOh Birthday MEP’s and SuperFluffyWolf’s Yami Mariku MEP. It kinda. . .Kicked me in to gear. ^^ This MEP is for Thief King Bakura/Akefia/Tozoku only. No Yami Bakura, or Ryou Bakura. Just Akefia and all his awesomeness. The rules are below but i have a main rule. . .Please do your best on this. I dont mean to sound rude or like a snob but its my favorite character so I would like the MEP to be just as awesome. Any questions please feel free to ask. and please, Read all the rules. ●DEADLINE: September 20-26 —- ●Rules: -All editors welcome! Any program, Sony Vegas, WMM, After Effects, Ect. Just as long as you know what your doing on the program. -I honesty prefer AMV’s but Slideshows and MMV’s are fine as well. -Please make your part based on Thief King, you may have parrings as well but just make him the main focus please. -Parts must be between 30sec-2:00 -You can make up to 4 parts if you so wish. If you do use that many parts, I simply ask that they’re not all over a minute. ^^ -Any song is okay. No using the same song as someone else though. (Look bellow for the list of what everyone is using.) – PLEASE WATERMARK YOUR PARTS, BUT best poker tips

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