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Card Flourishes – Virtuoso & Bone: Daren performs Anaconda:texas holdem poker hack

poker texas holdem rulesWanna learn Anaconda, “The World’s Longest Dribble”? Go now to WLD2009.com to learn it! Card Flourishes- Virtuoso & Bone WLD ’09 Daren performs Anaconda “The World’s Longest Dribble” So we were goofing around in the studio today, and decided to capture the Anaconda card flourish at its purest. No awesome angle, no crazy cinematography… just straight on. Here’s the video we got of Daren performing Anaconda, “The World’s Longest Dribble” for WLD ’09. Enjoy! Huron Low, The Virts PS The song in the video is called “Anaconda Theme”, composed, mixed and scored by Roland Lim from the Anaconda Original Soundtrack. Remember to subscribe to us!! This way you can get more underground superduper mega exclusive card flourish tutorials from the virts like huron low, kevin ho, and daren yeow! =D Don’t subscribe to naughty people who expose card flourishes, or tricks from david blaine, criss angel, cyril takayama, derren brown, and even dynamo… they’ve got nothing about awesome card flourishes, and only reveal magic tricks!! You see for us, we’ll even talk about xcm and cardistry even though we think it’s pretty cheesy… and if you’ve read till here, there’s even card flourish stuff about bone ho, and dan and dave, de’vo, theory11, decknique, penguin, ellusionist or other random stuff like high stakes poker on daniel negreanu that hopefully helps you bump into this video on youtube. =D You can even hurry us for more kickass underground card flourish videos, tutorials, stuff about so texas hold em bonus poker

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