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[WoW Music Video] Poker Face:tips on playing poker

poker tip//Please read this 🙂 // -14 ° video!! – ~.^ Hi! So my PokerFace video is coming, I tried to add some Lady GaGa stuff and create a video with the poker theme, I hope this video is different of the others poker face wow vids ^^ * the little note * : I know it comes quickly , I wanted to finish it before go to holidays and the animate background is come from the casino royale intro (james bond movie) xD Special thanks to the People who let me their advices their tips on my coming up, I tried to apply them. And to my suscribers, to the peoole who support me! And! I’m sorry, sometimes, the quality is’nt excellent, I had some problems for the “render as” of vegas because He does’nt saw some files So I recorded them again and it works but there is pixels sometimes U_U”” But… I hope you enjoy it *kiss* ! :3cash poker tips

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