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Card Flourish Tutorials – Virtuoso: “Flicker” One Card Twirl:free online poker texas holdem

texas holdem rules strategyWanna learn Flicker? Go now to TheVirts.com Follow us on twitter!! www.twitter.com Card Flourish Tutorials – Virtuoso: “Flicker” One Card Twirl Virt: Insiders ONLY. Wanna learn Flicker for free? Go now to thevirts.com Notice: Insiders-Only card flourish Tutorial. The password to this card flourish tutorial will be sent via email to all Virtuoso: Insiders when the countdown clock hits zero. Passwords for Insider-only tutorials will change monthly, so remember to stay subscribed to maintain access. “Hey guys, Huron here. =) I’d like to teach you one of my signature card flourishes. It’s a one card twirl called “Flicker”. When Flicker and Firefly was released in our 2007 video “Style”, it started a whole trend of one and two card flourishes and variations of what was in that video. That trend has since developed into an entire genre of its own, and now more than ever, we are receiving countless emails from people requesting to learn our original work on the subject. After much discussion, we decided to head to the studio to create a card flourish tutorial detailing both the technical aspect of the card flourish, as well as the stylistic and dynamic aspect of performing the card flourish. Flicker is definitely one of my most treasured and favorite card flourishes because of how beautiful it looks and how versatile it is in its application… so learn it well, play with it, and continue developing your own ideas for this card flourish of mine. Enjoy! =) Huron Low, The Virts PS play texas holdem bonus

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