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Twilight + Totally and Completely Random:basic poker tips

poker tournament tipsOkay so, on my video for this (on my other account, xEternallyDazzledx), for the last month or longer, it’s been saying “an error occured” on the video and I’ve gotten multiple comments saying they had the same problem. I looked up the problem, sent in my query and youtube was no help. And.. since my account was deleted, I lost most of my stats that the video I had, so I thought, what the hell. I’ll upload it again. I’ll have you all know a part three is in the works. Part 2 – www.youtube.com Hahhaa I think the title explains this one. It was so damn fun to make. Like I said at the end of the video, all the stuff used is credited here. I make no profit and no copyright is intended. And this may not make you laugh. But you are demented if you thought this wasn’t random 🙂 Notes || Yeah, everyone uses Jizz in My Pants. Why does that mean I can’t? Clips/Songs/Audio Used 1.Twilight/Charlie the Unicorn 2.Twilight/Youtube user CommunityChannel’s “We Just Touched Awkwardly” song 3.Twilight 4.Twilight/Charlie the Unicorn 2 5.Twilight/I’m On a Boat by the Lonely Island 5.5. Twilight/Friends – Episode (The One after the Superbowl Part 1) 6.Twilight/This is Why I’m Hot by Mims/The Simpsons 7.Little Ashes/Poker Face by Lady Gaga 8.Twilight/Robert Pattinson Variety Interview 9.Little Ashes Clip(Behind the Scenes?) hahahahaha 10.Twilight/Robert Pattinson Interview 11.Twilight/Jizz in My Pants by the Lonely Island 12.Twilight/Anchorman (credit to: TwilighterEmma) 13.Twilight/Jeff Dunham best poker tips

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