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Card Flourishes – Virtuoso: Style:learn texas holdem

tips for texas holdemGo now to www.TheVirts.com !! Do you have style? Virtuoso’s back with a short and sweet lesson in the art of playing card flourishes. “It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it.” What is style? This is style. Trivia -Due to the light drizzle that rainy day, all of the card flourishes in this video were filmed in one take as dropping the cards would mean ruining them on the wet ground. Furthermore Huron and Daren had to leave before their decks got entirely soaked by the drizzle. -A visual lesson in style was about to be put together by Virtuoso, and this coincided with an ongoing competition where the art of card flourishing was to be fused with the art of filmmaking. Virtuoso submitted this video, and we’re proud to announce that it emerged champion. Enjoy. Credits Director – Huron Low Director of Photography – Huron Low Editor – Daren Yeow Music – Dana Hocking Camera Equipment – Mathew Quek Featuring – VIRTUOSO (2/3): Huron Low, Daren Yeow Thanks to Chris Kenner, Dan and Dave Buck, Jerry Cestowski, Paul Lepaul, Brian Tudor, Bone Ho, Daryl Easton, Kevin Ho All moves performed are played at their actual speeds or slowed down. You may contact Virtuoso at TheVirts[at]gmail.com Welcome to the Art of Playing Card Flourishes. Remember to subscribe to us!! This way you can get more underground superduper mega exclusive card flourish tutorials from the virts like huron low, kevin ho, and daren yeow! =D Don’t subscribe to naughty people who expose card flourishes, or tricks from texas holdem winning hands

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